For My Dearest Daughter

Dear Sweet Geoffrey-Girl,

In about eighteen years you will embark on the journey of your adult life and most likely hate my guts by then. Hopefully not, but most eighteen year olds are pretty darn sure they know everything, and they know especially these truths:

1 – I am not like my mother.

2 – I can do anything I want to do.

3 – I am a grown up now.

When I was eighteen, I was headed to college without a care in the world. I had just spent a summer abroad and about the first truth, I was absolutely certain…I am NOT like my mother. Sweet child, I have since discovered that I am very much like her, yet also very different. Just like you will discover. I am writing this to you now because to me, it is important that you know me. That you know all of my hopes and dreams for you are with unbridled love, and that no matter what I will be here for you. So, darling one, grow up! Grow in stride, grow in love, grow in passion and spirit. Grow in faith, grow in peace, grow with that wild hair your father has. Learn from me, learn from your Dad, and know that each day we love you even more.

This blog will follow your journey of life, show you the mistakes we’ve made and how we have tried to fix them. It will showcase your talents, it will hopefully capture the funny moments in your life and in ours as a family. Sweet daughter, I can’t wait to watch you turn into the beautiful woman you will be.

God Bless you, we adore you, now and forever.




Your Birthday – October 4, 2011

Proud Daddy


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