One Sad SAHM

Dear Miss O,
I’m sad because I have to go back to work soon. I stopped working back in March to be a Stay-at-home Mom, and all I have done is complain about how I still can’t get anything done. But now, as I am job hunting, all I can think about is the joy you have brought me each day I’ve spent at home with you. I should have been OK with a sink full of dirty dishes or dog hair covered floors, an unmade bed and a stack of boxes in the corner from our move almost six months ago. Yet, I complained. Being a mommy is hard, kid. There are never enough hours in a day or moments of peace or tranquility, but finding joy in the humdrum of housewife hood is a gift. I vow to enjoy every moment from here on– even if you’re screaming and there are dishes to do.


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