Baby Months are like Dog Years

In the last few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that the timeline of baby development is akin to Dog Years. A Dog Year is said to be equivalent to seven People Years, thus dogs age at an accelerated rate than humans. Babies seem so do the same thing up until around age two.

Reminiscing on the last eight and a half months of your life has been like looking at each month as a mini year. Though I described for you in short your first seven and a half months, I have clearly missed announcing a few of your developmental milestones along the way.  What got me thinking about all of this is that in the last month, you have hit four milestones. If you were a dog, I’d say you’ve learned a few new tricks, my dear.

Somewhere around the first week of June, you finally pushed your tummy up off the ground and started crawling. The necessity of baby-proofing finally struck home.

I’d insert a video  now, but since I’m still working off the freebie version of WordPress, I’ll let your imaginations run wild…


Lookout, Mom! I’m on the move!

For weeks I have tried to get you to wave, and then one day you just did it! When we went up to Charlotte for MJ’s graduation, you spent that Saturday evening at the restaurant just waving at strangers. Right now “Stranger Danger” means nothing to you, and that’s OK. We can be friendly for a while and enjoy this new skill you have mastered. In the last day or so, you have also developed what I call the Doodle Double Wave — where you lift one hand slightly higher in the air and wave with it, while simultaneously waving the lower hand. The DDW is pretty much adorable in every way.

The third trick you taught yourself. The stand-up-in-the-crib-and-sream-till-Mommy-comes trick. Yes, you can now grasp tightly onto your crib rails and pull up from the seated position until you stand, usually either smiling or screaming, until I come swoop you up. In the morning, it’s a great way to find you — happy and smiling. At 2:00AM, it is terrifying. I also think you scare yourself while you do it because I do not think you have quite realized how to sit back down. Thus, you just stand there until I come get you. Yikes.

The fourth trick you have recently mastered is clapping. This one was a surprise because even thoughPat-a-Cake is a common game with me and with Gramme, you haven’t really attempted it in our presence. On Thursday, after you had a fever all day Wednesday, you were discovered happily playing on the floor and clapping to yourself. To you readers out there, this may seem minuscule — a child learning to clap. BUT SHE’S ONLY 8 MONTHS OLD! And, she’s doing it on cue — AND– whenever anyone claps on TV, she now claps. Now that is genius in my book.

The three weeks of June on which I’ve been reflecting have passed rapidly, but at the end of each month it seems like a year has gone by in measuring your growth. It probably does not help that you are also fitting into 12-18 month clothing at your age either. Why I have been reflecting on this has not been based solely on my astonishment of your speedy growth, but also on my acknowledgement of a life truth I recently came across. “The days are long, but the years are short” says Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, the book I’m currently reading (or rather, studying). Darling one, it is easy to get caught up in the monotony or stress of daily life and forget these little accomplishments you have, I just pray that I catch each one and savor it as human years are indeed, short.

Captured Memories – June 2012

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Hanging in the Ergo with Daddy at MaryJane’s Graduation

Shredding paper is fun! On the table at the doctor’s office…you had your first bad fever! :(